"We chose to pay AND commute 35 minutes not just for taekwondo but to ABBC because of the amazing instruction and devotion to my kids' varying needs. One was barely 3 years old needing to learn boundaries and coordination, and the other struggling with low muscle tone receiving Occupational Therapy and had major low self-esteem. Each boy has been instructed with compassion and met where they needed to be met. I could never put a price tag on the amount of physical, emotional, and mental growth that has happened these past few years at ABBC. We chose taekwondo for the values that it teaches, and ABBC for the love, compassion, and unique instructional practices that the instructors have provided my kids!"

Michelle Budz - Homer Glen, IL

I took my grandson to ABBC Taekwondo about 10 years ago when it was located on Roosevelt Rd. I was impressed by the professionalism,respect and love Master Al and his wife Jill showed his students and parents.I truly believe this made Justin a better athlete today,as a football player and wrestler in Varsity teams, while being a sophomore.

Tina G.

This is a taekwondo school with very high standards of performance and discipline, but one in which the instructors truly care about nurturing the spirit of the whole child. They know their students well, and their goal is for each child to succeed in life - not just in the ring.

We have seen many other coaches and school communities at tournaments, and we always come away feeling very grateful and proud to be part of ABBC, where the tenets of taekwondo are truly part of the school's culture. Students, teachers and parents show courtesy and respect for one another and for the sport. Master Al and Ms. Jill have provided our kids with amazing life lessons about setting and meeting goals, making and keeping commitments to yourself and others, being part of a team, and how healthy competition can motivate you to work harder.

We value their impact on our children so much that we drive 40 minutes to get to ABBC (past several other taekwondo schools) several times a week - because ABBC is truly the best.

Jason and Tracy Fortun - Geneva,IL
Parents of two ABBC students, and Wheaton Montessori School teacher

Taekwondo at ABBC has given me something to do that I like, that I'm good at, and that I can be proud of. Master Al, Ms. Jill and all the instructors adapt their teaching style for each situation. They don't just follow a prescribed set of rules; they meet the needs of each kid.

Henry, age 13

Our son began attending classes at ABBC Taekwondo when he was 4 ½ years old. In addition to improvements in his motor skills, we have observed his increased confidence and self-control across multiple settings. ABBC’s comprehensive program facilitates growth within the home and school environments. Master Al consistently maintains a positive learning environment at ABBC and effectively differentiates his instruction based upon his students’ needs.

Dan and Caron Jones - Lombard, IL

My son, Christian has benefited so much from Al's program. He has always struggled with his coordination and core strength. He has tried different sports programs, but they were never the right match for him.

Al's classes have helped him so much physically. I am constantly amazed at what he has learned. He also has a sense of pride and in his accomplishments in the TaeKwonDo program and confidence that carries over to the other areas of his life. As an occupational therapist, I see kids like my son every day. As a parent, and as a professional, I recommend this program to the families that I work with.

Maureen Karwowski - Elmhurst, IL

I started my son Sean in taekwondo when he was 6 because he was painfully shy with very little self-confidence due to a speech problem. After visiting other taekwondo schools, I knew right away that Al's Black Belt Club was the place for Sean.

Seven years later, Sean is working on his third black belt, loving junior high school and also has the confidence to participate in school sports along with his taekwondo. It has made all the difference in the world for Sean!

Kim Anderson - Westmont, IL

My son has been with Al's Black Belt Club for almost 3 years and it has been a wonderful experience for him! He has attention and sensory integration issues and needed help with his focus, balance, and self-control.

Master Al is great at knowing when to be encouraging and when to be firm! The black and colored stripe criteria break the goals down into smaller parts and helps Tyler feel successful!! He has developed confidence, a sense of accomplishment, and better strength and balance.

As a pediatric physical therapist, I have recommended Al's Black Belt Club to several of my clients. It is a great addition to traditional therapy where the kids can practice their skills out in the "real world" in a fun and exciting setting, and also learn discipline!! And after practicing with Tyler, I decided to join myself! Now I enjoy a great cardio workout, meet new people, and learn self-defense too! Thanks, Master Al and Miss Jill!!

Angela Pullen Addison, IL
Parent and Physical Therapist at Easter Seals DFVR

We cannot say enough great things about Al's Black Belt Club. Our son started when he was 3 1/2 years old and we cannot believe the coordination, attention span and self-discipline improvements Colin has made over the last year.

Master Al is extremely patient and knows how to work with children of all ages and continue to motivate each of them to be their best at taekwondo, school and home.

Tom and Amy Kiesler - Warrenville, IL

Al's Black Belt Club is a dynamic martial arts school where both my son Kris and my daughter Angela have had the opportunity to learn and grow. The school is an extended family that I can count on and trust to provide guidance not only to my kids, but also to me as a parent. By working together, we can help my kids achieve their potential.

I am also a teacher, and two of my students are members of ABBC. It has been a great experience to see them grow and learn both in my class and on the blue mat of the Taekwondo club. It is amazing to witness how they transfer their skills and knowledge from one "arena" to the other. I noticed improvement in their learning skills right after they joined ABBC. They are more focused and attentive in their academic learning, which reflects in their overall success in school.

I have also seen changes in their self-esteem. They take pride, and love to share their Taekwondo experience with their classmates and teachers.

Mirela Pajcini Lombard, IL
Parent and District 41 teacher

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