Frequently Asked Questions

Try it! You are welcome to observe a class at any time but we encourage prospective students to get started right away. ABBC offers brief trial memberships for those that are still unsure. Taekwondo is a great workout for all ages and fitness levels!
Any motivated student between the ages of 4 and 94 are welcome at our school! The younger children must be able to follow directions to stay safe, have fun and promote a positive learning environment!
Along with kicks, punches, self-defense and competitive sparring; taekwondo is a Korean martial art based on six basic tenets…Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Respect, and Indomitable Spirit.
As in any sport or workout regimen, there is a cycle of enthusiasm and apathy. Our job as instructors is to meet each student’s needs by properly motivating them to reach their goal of black belt. Taekwondo is goal oriented with fresh new things to learn at each belt level – this encourages task commitment which is beneficial in all areas of life.
For students committed to their training and attending class a minimum of two to three times each week, a black belt can be achieved in two or two and half years.
We offer classes five days each week and we encourage students to attend as often as their schedule allows. The average student attends class two times a week.
Kukkiwon, the governing body of taekwondo gives individual schools latitude in how many steps or belts it will require to reach black belt; ultimately the standards of the World Taekwondo Federation and Kukkiwon are universal.
Yes, we would love to have every member of your family training with us and financially that may not be feasible. We offer family member discounts to encourage siblings or parents to participate!
Al’s Black Belt Club is unique in that every class in under the guidance of the Master Instructor. Most schools permit teenagers or higher rank students teach beginner classes while the Master Instructor is in the office. Master Al is involved in every area of your training from White belt to Black Belt ensuring the highest level of instruction at all times. To assist in classes, Master Al selects 1st Degree Black Belts who are highly experienced , certified and are clear communicators.
Class size varies day to day. We do not require our students to select specific days to attend class; therefore, some classes may be larger or smaller than others. On average, each Group level has between six and fifteen students in attendance.
No, quite the opposite! When a child feels empowered and confident they no longer seek the negative attention of “acting out.” We instill the tenets of taekwondo at each class and make certain that the children know the difference between defending themselves and losing their temper.
Sparring instruction typically begins at green belt, although we have had students begin earlier. Once we feel the student has shown some proficiency in the basic techniques and will spar safely in class, they are invited to begin. Sparring is strongly recommended at our school but not required! Sparring is the “application” of the techniques learned and we follow the United States Olympic Committee standards as well as the World Taekwondo Federation.
Master Al’s taekwondo career focused on competition at high levels. His passion is training and preparing those students interested to one day try out for National, World or Olympic teams. Each year we travel to the Junior Olympics, Senior Nationals, and the U.S. Open International competition as well as many local tournaments.
YES! Please feel free to invite a buddy to your school at any time! We ask that you call us in advance to let us know you are bringing a friend and please make sure that their parent is present to sign a waiver before participating.
Occasionally, students may find that supplementary instruction may be beneficial to their taekwondo training. Al’s Black Belt Club offers private instruction to its members at an additional fee. Multiple lessons may be purchased at a savings and must be used within one year of purchase date.
We understand that our students are involved in many other sports and activities. Our flexible schedule allows children to participate in other activities and come to class a minimum of one time each week. When their schedule allows we expect consistent attendance of 2-3 times each week to maintain their technique and rank.
Without prior notification of extended travel or illness, we will assume that you have forfeited your membership after one month of absence. This policy protects the instructor but more importantly it protects the student. It is very difficult for a child to re-motivate and continue training when all their classmates have advanced in belts and they have fallen behind due to lack of attendance. This ensures every student’s success and gives them an opportunity to truly see the benefits of taekwondo!
Yes, Black Belt Membership tuition prices are designed with the understanding that ABBC will be closed for holidays and out-of-town tournaments and our students may travel or become ill which prevents them from attending class. If you have chosen to pay the tuition monthly, you are still required to pay the same amount as those students who opted to pay their tuition in full. In short, your monthly tuition is not payment for services rendered that month.
The average student should expect to promote every two to three months depending on their attendance.
No, although your prior training may expedite your progress, you must begin as a white belt. Ultimately, the decision is made at the Master Instructor’s discretion.

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