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Al's Black Belt Club - Taekwondo
704 Oak Creek Drive    Lombard, IL

Al's Black Belt Club is an elite Taekwondo school located in west suburban Lombard. Our Taekwondo philosophy reinforces family values!
on the mat and in life!" 

Family owned, since 2001!
We compete in tournaments!
Olympic style Sparring and Forms
Self - Confidence and Focus developed thru training for a Black Belt!  

We provide certified and professional instruction to help you achieve your martial arts and fitness goals!

Al's Black Belt Club offers a variety
 of class times each week which provides scheduling flexibility
making it possible to balance Taekwondo with other activities!

By earning a BLACK BELT in Taekwondo, students develop a history of achieving goals as a direct result of their efforts.​

Member of the Better Business Bureau
Al's Black Belt Club, Martial Arts, Lombard, IL